Tuesday, November 24, 2009

15 Positive Emotions of a Successful Executive

15 Positive Emotions of a Successful Executive

A successful executive is someone who has mastered the following skills:

Technical skill
Human skill
Conceptual skill

Not only that, he has a high emotional quotient and he generates the following positive emotions:

1. Flexible: He is willing to listen to others and accept the best course of action even though it is not his idea.

2. Passionate: He takes his job whole-heartedly. He enjoys his work and likes the challenges that come with the job

3. Energetic: He works with full concentration and his performance is at his peak

4. Motivated: He is looked upon as a valued employee and he is encouraged to be more productive and more effective.

5. Curious: There is never a dull moment while he is at work He is always on the lookout for new trend or development within and outside the company. By doing this he is on top of things.

6. Empathetic: He cares for his co-workers as much as he cares for himself. Whatever he does, due consideration is given to others around him.

7. Positive: He looks at things on the bright side. And he is always looking for the strengths of a person rather than his shortcomings.

8. Happy: He wears a smile at the workplace and he acknowledges people warmly when he meets them. The workers sense a feeling of acceptance.

9. Creative: As a problem solver, he is resourceful and innovative

10. Courageous: Once a decision is taken he will take action immediately even it may be a new project without proven results.

11. Confident: He is very sure of himself to get things done. His high self-esteem is a moral support for other staff

12. Optimistic: He has an optimistic outlook in life. He always expects success and good things to happen.

13. Enthusiastic: He is excited about his work and he looks forward to each new day with high hope.

14. Focus: He gets into the flow of things while he is working. He is not easily distracted.

15. Calm: He may be working under pressure but he works calmly. He will not show negative emotions such as anger at the work place.

Positive emotions facilitate productivity and effectiveness and also promote good health and well-being.

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