Monday, November 23, 2009

ABC of Positive Emotions

ABC of Positive Emotions

These are my favorite positive emotions in alphabetical order:

Appreciative: You take note of what others have done for you and you express your gratitude and appreciation

Belief: Have full confidence in yourselfYou believe you can do it and be successful

Calm: You are not disturbed. You feel at ease and collected.

Delightful: Listening to a piece of soothing music or reading an inspirational article gives me a delightful feeling

Enthusiastic: I look forward to each new day with excitement and high hope

Forgiving: Don’t fill your heart with grudges against others. Forgive and forget and you will feel peaceful and calm inside your heart.

Good-natured: Be kind, be friendly and be good to others and treat yourself just the same.

Happy: Happiness is contagiousWhen you are happy you are also spreading happiness to the people around you.

Inspired: I am inspired by great articles on the Net and they inspire me to do the same

Joyful: Be joyous, be cheerful. You can make a choice. You can also feel down and out. However, life is short and unpredictable so just be merry.

Kind: Kindness begets kindness. Random acts of kindness bring cheers to others and satisfaction to yourself.

Loving: Love yourself, love your family and fill the world with love as it is filed with hatred and vengeance.

Motivated: Be interested and be encouraged. As an example I am motivated to write and post an article a day.From the statistics provided by I am happy and delighted to note that my articles are being bookmarked, printed, emailed and added as personal favorites by my readers.

Neat: When your house is clean and tidy, the neatness vibrates a feeling of serenity in you.

Optimistic: Expect good things and success to happen. Positive expectations bring you joy and happiness. .

Positive: Look for the good in people and situations. Expect the best to happen.

Quick: A feeling of alertness in you that you are ready to take action immediately. There is a sense of preparedness.

Relaxed: It’s a valuable asset to feel relaxed in this hurried world. Your mind is peaceful and in that particular moment time seems to stand still.

Simple: Do not make life complicating .Be simple and easy without clutter.Allow things to flow smoothly.

Thankful: Be thankful to God that you are alive and kicking. Count your blessings instead of your troubles.

Understanding: It means you are open-minded and you are not stubborn.You are also empathetic.

Valued: Are you being valued as a person? It’s a great feeling to know that you are valued by others.

Wonderful: When you wake up in the morning tell yourself that it is going to be a wonderful day and you look forward to it with positive expectations.

Xmas-spirited: There is a feeling of giving in the true spirit of Christmas. You are thoughtful of your friends and relatives. .

Youthful: When you have a youthful feeling, you are full of vitality and it has nothing to do with your age

Zealous: I have a feeling of abundant energy, and I am ready to start a new day with zest

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