Monday, November 23, 2009

15 Tips to Manage Stress

15 Tips to Manage Stress

Here are the top tips to manage and release stress:

  1. Your Job: Find meaning in your work. Your job should be your passion and interest. What you do is useful to others and you get satisfaction out of it.

  1. Face the world as it is: Do not be unduly disturbed by what is happening to you. React calmly to negative encounters in life.

  1. Hopeful: Look forward to the future with high hope and expectations. Great hope provides energy for you to carry on living every day.

  1. Appreciate yourself: Forget about what you have lost or what you don’t have. Instead enjoy what you have now.

  1. The way to look at failures: Failures are your stepping stone to success. With each failure there is a lesson learnt and a step closer to success. Look at failures positively.

  1. Be healthy and fit: A healthy body and a healthy mind is the best way to manage stress effectively.

  1. Do your best: Do not look for perfection in whatever you do. Just do it and do your best.

  1. Turn a crisis into an opportunity: Every cloud has a silver lining. Be positive and look for opportunities in adversity.

  1. Emotions: Be alert to your own emotions and act accordingly. When you are not in a positive mood don’t take action. Do it when you feel at ease.

  1. Exercise: Regular exercise is one of the effective ways to release stress.

  1. Self-Management: Self-management is time management. Plan your work and work you plan allow you to do your tasks smoothly and thereby avoid stress,

  1. Resilient and bounce-back ability: Promote your ability to face setbacks squarely and positively. The idea is not to allow failures to hinder your progress in life.

  1. Review your goals: Perhaps you have set too high a goal that it is beyond your reach. Revise your goals to a level that is achievable and life will not be so stressful.

  1. Mindfulness: When you concentrate fully on the task at hand you forget about thoughts that are stressful.

  1. Ways to relax: Choose and incorporate one or more methods to relax yourself: meditation, yoga. Tai Chi, music, gardening, video games, deep breathing, auto suggestion.

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